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#08 Almost home kids

  • Matt Cockayne Illustration

  • Official Goo

  • Atkinsons

This piece pays tribute to the iconic Tinsley Towers that used to welcome so many of us home to Sheffield after trips away.

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About the Artist:

Matt Cockayne Illustration

Matt is a Sheffield-born artist who takes inspiration from the local area, stories, and photos and ingrains it in his work. Matt developed the idea behind Bangers and Cash and worked closely with Roundabout to organise, plan and execute the 2018 Rally, as well as this 2023 event.

"I was thinking about devising a way of doing a public display of art that would not only involve myself but other artists and the city of Sheffield as a whole... I eventually came up with the premise for ‘Bangers and Cash’ - a public display of art painted on old cars that would showcase artists' work and be taken on the road all the way through Europe."

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